Caramel custard (Brönnti Crème) 🇨🇭

Caramel custard is my next dish for for the Swiss Food Discovery. In German, this dessert is called “Brönnti Crème” translating to “burnt custard” in reference to the burnt sugar and protagonist of the custard. The sugar is not burnt, though, but rather caramelized into a very rich and luscious syrup. And that’s the secret of the custard – the right level of caramelization. Too little and the custard will be bland. Too much and the custard will actually taste burnt. I served my custard with chillied pumpkin and a very Swiss Ovomaltine soil.

Allow 100 g sugar to caramelize without stirring it. As soon as the color is right, remove from the heat, add 50 ml hot water and cover the pan. Add a mixture of 500 ml milk, 1.5 tbsp cornstarch and 2 eggs. Bring to a simmer and allow to thicken, while constantly stirring. Strain through a sieve and cover with cling film. Allow to set in the fridge. Mix with 150 ml whipped cream right before serving.

Caramelize diced pumpkin in some butter. Taste with salt, sugar and chili.

Caramelize equal parts of butter, Ovomaltine (Ovaltine) powder and ground hazelnuts as well as some pumpkin seeds.

Serve the custard next to soil decorated with pumpkin, lemon balm and geranium leaves as well as mint petals.

This week’s savory dish is presented by Tamara from Cakes, Cookies and more.


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