Vegan: Jerusalem Artichoke • Pear • Yellow Carrot • Chive • Polenta • Spelt 🌱

One year ago, Foodblogs Schweiz launched its first monthly challenge: Create a culinary highlight using at least two of five or six predefined ingredients. I’ve participated ever since. Some months, I used only a few ingredients, but prepared multiple dishes. Other months, I prepared only one dish consisting of plural ingredients. This month, I went for the latter option.

Pear and carrot chips: With a mandoline, finely slice pear and peeled carrot. Separate the slices and dry them at 80°C for a couple of hours.

Jerusalem artichoke and pear purée: Peel and chop equal parts of Jerusalem artichokes and pears. In a dry pan, caramelize the pears. Add the tubers and season with salt and fresh ginger. Cover with water and simmer until super soft. Add a splash of apple cider vinegar. Mash and strain through a fine sieve.

Bramata with chives: Prepare the bramata like a risotto. Add the water, little by little. And remember to stir. Taste with salt, chives, nutritional yeast and olive oil. Allow to cool and then form into small balls.

Carrot spheres: Carve carrot spheres with a baller. Blanch for a couple of minutes. Taste with fleur de sel.

Chive oli: Finely blend chives, olive oil, apple cider vinegar and fleur de sel.

Assemble by splashing oil onto a plate. Carefully place a purée quenelle and bramata balls onto it. Decorate with carrot spheres, veggies chips and spelt pops.


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