Vegan Apricot Kissel with Golden Chlorella 🌱

Some time ago, I received a package Golden Chlorella from Alver for testing purposes. When I published my first recipe in this regard (a vegan pistachio custard with cardamom, strawberries and – quite right – Golden Chlorella), I didn’t have enough experience to judge its health effects. After two months, however, I feel able to do so. And what’s my verdict? Great! Just great! I have more energy. My skin is healthier. And my metabolism is happier.

Apricot kissel: Cover dried apricots with water and soak until soft. Boil until tender and then blend until smooth. Allow to cool.

Apricot yoghurt: Mix apricot kissel with coconut yoghurt. Add 1 tsp Golden Chlorella per serving.

Assembly: Serve the apricot kissel and yoghurt with more coconut yoghurt, different sized spheres of fresh apricots as well as almonds, coconut chips and seasonal blossom (I used mallow, mint and geranium).


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