Trio of appetizers

Bite-sized appetizers – what a great way to start a party and encourage mingling. There’s a saying in German: “Klein, aber oho” meaning “Small, but beautiful”. And that’s what these hors d’oeuvres – each showcasing combinations of flavours that are so much greater than the sum of their parts – are. Here are three bites for my vegan 🌱, vegetarian 💚 and a fish-loving 🐟 friends.

Green pea hummus 🌱

Blend 200 g green peas with 200 g chickpeas, 1 tbsp tahini, a generous splash of olive oil and a pinch of salt until smooth. Add water if needed. Drizzle with more olive oil and decorate with dill. Serve with corn chips.

Tunnbröd rolls with cured salmon 🐟

Spread soft tunnbröd (or any other wheat-based flatbread) with quark and mustard. Lay slices of cured salmon and a stripe of black seaweed pearls on the flatbread. Roll together tightly and cut into bite-sized pieces. Decorate with finely chopped chives and edible flowers (like mallow).

Crisp bread with Präst cheese and figs 💚Spread round rye sourdough crisp breads with salted butter. Lay a slice of cheese on each bread (I used Swedish semi-hard Präst cheese with a rich, strong flavor). Place fig slices on the breads and decorate with cress.

I served these appetizers at our Kräftskiva.


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